Site Visit & MOA Signing (LGU Bauan, PDRF & Seismic AI)

MOA inked for Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System

February 27, 2023

Bauan, Batangas – A ceremonial signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) about the Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning System Project in the municipality took place. Among the partners are Mayor Ryanh M. Dolor for the Municipality of Bauan, Mr. Rene Meily for Phil Disaster Resilience Foundation, PHIVOLCS and Mr. Benny Sasson for Seismic AI.

The System detects earthquakes as soon as it starts, and notifies the people providing crucial seconds to prepare. In addition, the system can also detect the possibility of a tsunami caused by the earthquake.

Using the technology of Seismic AI, a partner from Israel, it helps everyone in preparing and mitigating the risks and threats of Earthquakes and Tsunamis. By using a sensor called the Guralp fortis, placed on the ground and will record disturbances on the ground which will be then collated to the system and assess its threat.

Starting from 2021, with the expertise of the SOEPD of PHIVOLCS , Batangas was selected to be the pilot site for the system to test its capabilities as the areas has been tectonically active over the recent years and is near large bodies of water. By 2022, several Fieldworks were made to determine where the sensors are to be located.

The initial draft of the Memorandum of Agreement has been released and the remaining year was spent on planning and designing the vaults and materials to be used to house the equipment and to ensure its safety, security and longevity to be included in the PHIVOLCS monitoring system.

This project aims to have a better response, preparedness and mitigation actions for earthquakes and tsunamis thereby building a safer and more resilient Bauangenos.

Mr. Rene Meily, President, Mr. Guillermo Luz, Chief Resilience Officer and Ms. Veronica Gabaldon, Executive Director of PDRF thanked and acknowledged the municipality’s fast action in acceptance of the project and the installation of instruments and sensors as part of the system. They highlighted the LGU’s collective and immediate act for the implementation of the project adding that truly the Mayor of Bauan is an action man in advancing safety and resiliency of its constituents.

In his message, Mayor Ryanh Dolor thanked the partners for having its pilot project in Bauan, contributing to the municipality’s vision of creating Resilient Municipality towards Development. Since Bauan is situated to two bays, Batangas and Balayan, the town is exposed to the threat of tsunami and earthquake due to its proximity to tectonic plates and active faults.

✍🏻 EnP Belina Macuha Montalbo (MDRRM Officer)

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