Onsite Validation – SGLG 2022

Bauan submitted to Onsite Validation for 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance last April 21, 2022. The 6-man Regional Assessment Team (RAT) consisting of its Cluster Head – Lorna Silva and members Arlene Banaag, Pedryan Cris Mendoza, Dr. Armando Mendoza, Cristy Vien Aclan and Engr. Archelo Dulay conducted the documentary review/interview and onsite inspection. Regional Director, Ariel Iglesia also happen to visit the LGU.

For this year’s “All-In” Principle, LGUs must pass all assessment areas which includes: Financial Administration and Sustainability; Disaster Preparedness; Social Protection and Sensitivity; Health Compliance and Responsiveness; Sustainable Education; Business Friendliness and Competitiveness; Safety,Peace and Order; Environmental Management; Tourism, Heritage Development, Culture and Arts; and lastly, Youth Development.

SGLG is an “assessment system instrumental in upholding transparency and accountability among local governments”.


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