Municipal Development Council General Assembly

LGU Bauan conducted its Municipal Development Council General Assembly yesterday, Sept 5, 2023 at Bauan Plaza Hotel.

Led by Mayor Ryanh Dolor, MDC Chairperson and Presiding Officer, the assembly was attended by its members, including Municipal elected officials – Vice Mayor Ronald Cruzat and SB Members, Municipal department heads, CSOs/NGOs, Barangay Captains and functionaries, representatives from DepEd, NGAs and other stakeholders.

The program started with messages from Mayor Dolor and Vice Mayor Cruzat and the reading of a letter of support from CongW Gerville Luistro. A motion to dispense the reading of previous minutes was made and seconded and the assembly proceeded with the agenda.

Former Congressman Raneo E. Abu, President of Local People’s Council, presented the accomplishments of CSOs thru video presentation. These CSOs are organizations that are registered and recognized by LGU Bauan. Cong. Abu also informed the council that they were invited by the LGU to act as observers during bidding process as well as to monitor programs and projects of the municipality. As mandated by DILG, coordination and partnership between LGUs and CSOs are given much importance for government transparency.

Another agenda, Report on project monitoring, was delivered by Engr. Herman Boongaling, Municipal Engineer and Head of the Municipal Project Monitoring Committee. This committee was tasked to implement, monitor and evaluate the project funded by the national government and LGU to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation. He presented and enumerated several infrastructure projects of the LGU being monitored by the said committee. These include among others the construction of Multi Purpose Covered Court and Multi Purpose hall; construction, rehabilitation, concreting and widening of barangay roads and access road; construction of bridge; construction and rehabilitation of canals and line canal; riprapping of roadside and fencing of roadside.

Lastly and most vital is the presentation of the proposed AIP, supplemental AIP and LDIP by Engr. Melvin Arevalo, MPDC and Zoning Administrator. The 2024 allocation of budget for offices under general public services, social services and economic services and budget for programs, projects and activities as well as the SIP for 2023 were all approved by the council. Bauan 10 Point Agenda’s relevance for implementing our LGU’s continuous good governance was also discussed in passing by Engr. Arevalo.

It is also good to note that the Municipality of Bauan ranked 111 among 1589 in the over-all ranking for CY 2022 Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index.


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