Coastal Cleanup Day 2022

In the observance of the 2022 International Coastal Cleanup Day, LGU Bauan conducted simultaneous activities for two consecutive days, Sept 16 & 17.

The clean up drive started Sept.16 with MENRO, Municipal Tourism Office, Bantay Dagat, Barangay Council and resorts owners cleaning the beaches of Barangay Sampaguita while members from Rotary Club of Bauan following suit the next day also had their clean up in the said barangay.

Upon the directives of Mayor Ryanh Dolor, LGU Bauan employees with Vice Mayor Ronald Cruzat & SB Members, representatives from NGAs including personnel from PNP BFP and PCG, volunteers from various non-government and civil society organizations (PARCS, Kabayan, Rotaract Bauan, Rotary Club of Bauan Square, Triskelion, Batangas Varsitarian, Bauan Medical Society), La Sagrada Familia Multi-purpose Cooperative, private companies and all barangays (including uplands and non-coastals) joined and participated in the cleanup activity on the 17th.

Hundred kilograms of waste were collected in the coastal areas including coconut husks, plastics & other non biodegradable materials, household wastes and other debris brought about in our shores mostly during Habagat season.

International Coastal CleanUp Day is done every third Saturday of September each year.

“Fighting for Trash Free Seas.”



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