• 2024 Recognition as GAWAD SERBISYONG MASIGASIG
  • 2024 Certificate of Recognition  from LPU Batangas (Local Government of Bauan)
  • Seal of Good Local Governance  Award of 2023
  • NATIONAL FINALIST (Local Legislative Awards of 2023)
  • FULLY COMPLIANT (Gawad Kalasag Award of 2023)
  • IDEAL FUNCTIONALITY (Local Committees on Anti-Trafficking and Violence Against Women and their Children of 2023)
  • 2022 TOP SUBAYBAYAN Compliant LGU – SubaBAYANI Awards (Category C – 1st to 3rd Class Municipalities)
  • 2022 LGU with BEST PRACTICES (Demand Generation and Communications Strategy during the National Vaccination) -Bayanihan Bakunahan
  • 2022 BEST RHU in Promoting Healthy Setting – GAWAD PARANGAL for Outstanding LGUs and Hospitals
  • 2022 Plaque of Appreciation to Bauan RHU II (heroic act on the continuous provision of all essential health needs and services amidst the Covid-19 pandemic
  • 2022 Best in Cold Chain Management – GAWAD PARANGAL for Outstanding LGUs and Hospitals
  • 2022 Plaque of Recognition for VOLUNTARY BLOOD SERVICES PROGRAM Provincial SANDUGO Awards
  • 2022 LGU with the Highest number of EnrolledTB Cases thru Chest X-ray Voucher
  • 2022 Certificate of Appreciation from Civil Service Commission (Extra-ordinary services rendered by officials and employees in performing sworn duties in the midst of the COVID-19 health crisis)
  • 2022 Most Number of Placed Job Applicants in First Class Municipality Category (PESO BAUAN)  – DOLE Batangas
  • 2021 Peace and Order Council Performance Audit Award
  • Provincial Champion in Labor Market Information (PESO BAUAN)-DOLE Batangas.
  • 2019 Peace and Order Council Performance Audit Award
  • Model LGU Implementing Disaster-Related Programs for CY 2020
  • 2020 Local Chief Executive Award during the 29th BFP Anniversary and 119th Fire Service
  • #DaBeska Award from DepEd Bauan and DepEd Calabarzon

           The Municipality of Bauan celebrates after winning the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) – for the third time in a row!  Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Eduardo M. Año together with other partner agencies conferred the award on 05 November 2019 at the Manila Hotel.  No less than the man at the helm of Bauan, Hon. Ryanh M. Dolor received the prestigious recognition in a fitting ceremony with the theme“Pagkilala sa Katapatan at Kahusayan ng Pamahalaang Lokal”.

           They both declared that it is a progressive assessment system adopted by the DILG to give distinction to remarkable local government performance across several areas.

           Our beloved town has all the reasons to be proud.  Out of the 1,488 municipalities across the country that vied for the Seal,  Bauan made it among only 306 towns (or merely 20%) that were recognized to possess the Tapat at Mahusay na Pamahalaang Lokal.  But more than just brandishing the seal, the DILG is telling Bauangeños that they are among not too many Filipinos who are served by a local government that complies with the DILG’s polished and re-defined “All-in” criteria in terms of: performance across seven performance areas; consistency in growth for social governance; and systematic advances in service delivery.  The means further that the people of Bauan is served by a government that satisfies seven parameters of good local governance.  Specifically, it is a regime that (i) is financially stable and sound to fund local development projects; (ii) mitigates, prepares for, respond to, and recovers from disasters; (iii) provides for the basic needs of its constituents; (iv) ensures peaceful and orderly communities; (v) lends a climate conducive to business; (vi) cares for and protect the environment; and finally (vii) able to nurture tourism, culture, and the arts.

           In 2017, when the Municipality of Bauan first earned the Seal, applicants vying for the SGLG have to pass only four core areas and at least an essential area (or 4 + 1).  In 2018, SGLG pushed for a fundamental upgrade in DILG’s performance metrics.  It introduced for the first time an integrated approach to assessment through the so-called “All-in” (seven out of seven criteria) measurement.  Aside from compliance with laws and internal administrative mechanisms and measures, the bar was elevated to capture results-oriented conditions.  The yardstick was changed to measure and highlight critical roles of Local Government Units (LGUs) in setting the course of overall local development.

           Good governance has 8 major characteristics.  It is participatory, consensus oriented, accountable. Transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, and follows the rule of law.

           In light of the national government’s thrusts, organizational commitments, and emerging good governance frameworks, the Year 2019 ushered SGLG’s more challenging two-fold parameters designed firstly, to help LGUs meet expectations of the national government and, secondly, for LGU’s to contribute in realizing target outcomes of the national government relative to local governance.  The National Economic Development Authority’s Philippine Development Plans (PDP) is an example.  It is aimed at bringing about the current administration’s vision of inclusive growth, a high-trust and resilient society, and a globally-competitive knowledge economy by 2022.

           In issuing Memorandum Circular 2019-44, the DILG updated the parameters by coming up with a “polished and redefined “All-in criteria” composed of specific improved requisites that were not included in 2018.  This translates to LGUs working doubly hard to get the Seal.  Apart from the requirements to pass the already named seven governance areas, they have to be compliant with certain specific refinements in some governance areas.

           All these attributes of good governance were attained through the able leadership and management skills of the Executive Department headed by Hon. Ryanh M. Dolor.  Supporting the Mayor in providing good governance are the members of the Legislative Department and Secretariat lead by Municipal Vice Mayor Julian C. Casapao.  Heads of Offices, particularly the heads of the department that deal directly with the seven core areas contributed immensely to this achievement:  Accounting, Treasurer, Budget, BPLO, MSWDO, MDRRMO, Engineering, MENRO, SB Secretariat, HRMO, RHU I and II, Bauan General Hospital, MIO/MTO, Municipal Administrator/Legal Office.  And last but not least, the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator and staff being the SGLG Focal Point.  Credits also go to Bauan Public Market, Bauan Police Force, DepEd, Association of Barangay Captains, Bauan Solid Waste Management, Inc., Non-Government Organizations, MLGOO and to the people of Bauan.

           Aside from 2019 SGLG marker from the DILG and the prestige that comes along with this triumph, Bauan is entitled to the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) amounting to ₱2.3Million to finance municipal development projects and priority access to other programs and capacity development assistance from the DILG.  This year’s PCF is intended for the concreting of local access road in Barangay San Pablo leading to tourism area.

           Numerous awards received by Local Government Unit of Bauan served as affirmation of Bauan’s enduring aspiration to improve delivery of services and to support governance reforms.

Bauan is one of the 31 municipalities of Batangas Province who passed the 2019 Good Financial Housekeeping (GFH) based on the Official List released by DILG last January 31, 2020.   The LGU passed the GFH standards – which recognizes financial transparency.  The criteria complied by LGU to be a GFH passer are: a) Most recent available COA Audit Opinion is Unqualified or Qualified for CYs 2017 or 2018; and b) Compliance with the Full Disclosure Policy – posting of financial documents in 3 conspicuous places and in the FDP Portal for CY 2018 all quarters and CY 2019 1st quarter posting period documents where the data sources are:  a) Uploaded Audit Report – Commission on Audit as of September, 2019 and b) FDP Compliance – PCMD-BLGS and Regional  Assessment Team (RAT) evaluation.

           Municipal Mayor Ryanh M. Dolor, Local Chief Executive Awardee, received the Plaque of Recognition awarded to Municipal Government of Bauan, Batangas for the LGU’s generous support leading to the donation of rescue equipment amounting to ₱185,160.00, renovation of Bauan Fire Station’s garage, outpouring of support to all the training and activities conducted by the station to demonstrate its continuous campaign for Fire/Disaster Preparedness. The Municipal Government of Bauan is recognized for its active and commendable support to BFP’s campaign of effective public service towards a fire-safe nation.  The award was given last August 20, 2019 during the 28th BFP Anniversary Celebration at Biñan People’s Center, Biñan City, Laguna with a theme “Journey Towards Transparent and Effective Public Service”.  MDRRMO EnP Belina M. Montalbo also received Special Award in the said event.

           Bauan also proved to be a consistent recipient of the Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance Award from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for passing the 2019 Child-Friendly Local Governance Audit.

           This award is conferred to Local Government Unit (LGU) who has passed the assessment of the Child-Friendly Local Governance Audit in implementing child-friendly programs and services to promote and uplift the welfare of children. It is based on indicators and four-core rights of children namely: survival, development, protection and participation.  The Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance Award was given last October 01, 2019 at Ynares Event Center, Antipolo City, Rizal.

           Bauan also received the 2nd Place Most Outstanding Locally-Managed Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Philippines during Para El Mar 2019 Marine Protected Area Awards and Recognition held last October 22-23, 2019 at SeameoInnotech, Diliman, Quezon City.

           The stringent selection process was made from among the initial 200 contenders nationwide until the number was trimmed down to ten (10) finalists including Bauan.  And, owing to the best practices we observe towards protecting the town’s marine bio-diversity, Bauan was declared First Runner-up among the many aspirants.

           The San Pablo de Bauan MPA, a 125-hectare municipal water situated in Barangay San Pablo along Balayan Bay, is the town’s entry to the 2019 Search for Outstanding Locally- Managed Marine Protected Area Award for Para El Mar.  The MPA comprises, in part, the Verde Island Passage which is known to be the Center of Marine Shore Fish Biodiversity in the world.  The Marine Protected Area is in turn bound by Binukbok-Dive and Trek marine Sanctuary, Bauan Divers’ Marine Sanctuary, the Portulano Marine Sanctuary, and the Marine Reserve that embraces Ligpo Island.

           With the pace with which the country’s marine resources are degraded, there is an urgent need for local governments to exercise its initiative to secure its marine sanctuaries.  It is for this compelling reason that the protection of the town’s marine habitat had to be institutionalized.  It kicked-off with the passage of Municipal Ordinance No. 7, Series 2009 that established the area that spans 150 meters seaward of Dalig Point to 100 meters seaward of Ligpo.  The setting aside of the area as a marine protected area is backed by the joint effort of Barangay San Pablo, the resort owners in the area, the Conservation International, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Municipal Agriculture Office, the then and Local Government of Bauan, and the Sangguniang Bayan.

           The Local Government Unit of Bauan will not settle to being just First Runner-up, the motivation for making it to the top is more on focused on the benefits for humanity which are derived from protecting the marine habitat.  To be able to do that, we Bauangueños should be united in the drive towards the preservation and conservation of our marine ecology.  The best way to advocate it and entice the neighboring town and communities to emulate our best practices is for us Bauangueños to imbibe it.  After all, the ones that stand to benefit long after all of us are gone will be the generation of our children and the next.  So let’s be one in Bauan towards the protection of marine ecology and the preservation of our marine habitats.

           The Municipality of Bauan through Municipal Health Office was hailed to be the Top Performing Blood Collector in District 2 and received the Plaque of Recognition during the 8th Sandugo Awards with a theme:  “Safe Blood for All” held last July 25, 2019 at Batangas City Provincial Auditorium, Batangas City.

           Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Bauan LGU as Municipality with the High Case Notification Rate and Treatment Success Rate for All forms (Population of 50,000 to 99,000) for our unwavering commitment and contributions in the implementation of the Tuberculosis Control Program in Batangas given last March 22, 2019 during the 2019 World TB Day Celebration held at Batangas City Convention Center, Batangas City.

           Bauan General Hospital (BGH) once again bagged the Achievers Award during the 2nd Regional Newborn Screening Awarding held at Bayleaf Hotel, General Trias, Cavite last October 22, 2019.  

           This health institution with a performance rating of 95% coverage and less than 1% unsatisfactorily rate, was recognized by DOH-Calabarzon and NBS Reference Center for its exemplary contributions in the implementation of the Expanded NBS Program.

           The program’s implementation was embedded to the Department of Health (DOH) VISION which states that, “for every Filipino child to be born healthy and well, with an inherent right to life, endowed with human dignity and reaching her/his full potential with the right opportunities and accessible resources” and GOAL, by 2030 all Filipino Newborns are screened, and properly managed for common and rare congenital disorders to reduce preventable deaths of newborns.”

           In order to realize their vision and attain their goal, the DOH gives awards to institutions and health facilities that have accomplished high coverage in NBS.  The agency likewise recognizes the support given by these institutions such as our very own Bauan General Hospital, to the government’s effort in improving the health of Filipino people through their advocacy, education, implementation and institutionalization of the NBS program.

          The Performance Governance System (PGS) is an adaptation into the Philippines of the balanced Scorecard, thus its concept is needed to be introduced, understood and valued in the entire administration and operations of the PNP.  Responsively, the PNP created the P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030 aiming to institutionalize a quantifiable tool in measuring accomplishments, various plans, programs and activities embodied in the agency scorecard to ensure the continuity of change and transformation within the organization.

           In relation to this, Bauan Municipal Police Station (BMPS) have successfully passed the Proficiency Evaluation Process which was composed of three sequential phases – the Strategic Readiness Test or SRT, the Performance Audit and the Unit Revadila.  Thus, BMPS was conferred with Silver Eagle Award under the PGS during the conferment and awarding ceremony held at BPPO Multi-Purpose Center, Camp Gen. Miguel C. Malvar, Batangas City last October 11, 2019.

           Consequently, on October 14, 2019, BMPS Chief of Police, PLTCOL Joemar Q. Labiano, was also awarded with a Plaque of Recognition for having been adjudged as “Best Senior Police Commission Officer for Operation” for his outstanding leadership and methodical know-how which contributed immense accomplishments for Batangas Police Provincial Office and the Philippine National Police as a whole.

With the support of LGU Bauan in the lead of Municipal Mayor Ryanh M. Dolor, the DepEd – Bauan achieved the following awards:

2019 Regional Festival of Talent

           Jake Vincent Robles of Bauan Technical High School 
           Champion – DagliangTalumpati


           LGU-Bauan and DepEd-Bauan –  1st Place LGU Partner

Champion Best Radio Production

           Jake Vincent Robles  –  RCPC Qualifier
           Champion Best News Anchor
           Champion Best News Presenter

           Group Awards
           Champion Best infomercial – headed by Angelo Steven Alconga
           Champion Best Script – headed by Ron Michael Azucena

2019 Gawad BALISONG Area Level

           Myra Dolor of Bauan East Central School 
           1st Place Outstanding Teacher (Elementary) 

           Maria Letecia Basilan of Bauan Technical High School
           1st Place Outstanding Teacher (Secondary) 

           Movita O. Cruzat of Centex Bauan
           1st Place Outstanding School Head (Elementary) 

           Cinderella Dela Cruz of Bauan Technical High School
           1st Place Outstanding Researcher (Secondary) 

           School Category

           Centex Bauan
           1st Place Best Performing School (Elementary)

           San Roque Elementary School
           1st Place Most Effective Reading Program 

           Inicbulan Elementary School
           1st Place Most Effective ELLN Implementer

           West Bauan Central School
           1st Place Outstanding Sports Program Implementer (Elementary)

           Bauan East Central School
           1st Place Outstanding Campus Journalism Program (Elementary)

           Bauan Technical High School
           1st Place Outstanding Campus Journalism Program (Secondary)

           Jovita M. Landicho
           1st Place Outstanding GAD Implementer (Secondary) 

A. High Compliance Rating on Road Clearing

           In compliance with the directive of the President during his 2019 State of the National Address (SONA), the DILG issued Memorandum Circular No. 2019-121 dated July 29, 2019 regarding Clearing of Roads with Illegal Structures and Construction.  All local officials are given 60-day period to reclaim public roads which are being used for private ends and in the process, rid them of illegal structures and obstructions.  Local governments are also to cause the rehabilitation of all recovered public roads by placing street name and street lights among others.  They are likewise encouraged to develop and implement strategies that will address the displacement issues cause by the implementation of the directives.

           LGU Bauan, Batangas is among the municipalities in the Philippines who immediately complied with the directives of the President.  A series of consultation and dialogues was conducted to those stakeholders who will be affected with the implementation of the said directive.  Task Force One Bauan was also created to ensure the smooth implementation of the road clearing operations.

           After the 60-day implementation, the DILG formed a monitoring and validation team composed of the DILG Officer. Chief of Police, Fire Marshal, Municipal Engineer, MPDC, Municipal Information Officer and CSO Representative to assess the implementation of the road clearing operations of the LGUs.  The LGUs are assessed based on the following indicators:

  1. Presence of Ordinance on Clearing of Roads or Banning of Illegal Obstruction;
  2. Inventory of roads with obstructions;
  3. Road Clearing Operations;
  4. Displacement Strategy implemented;
  5. Rehabilitation Plan; and
  6. Grievance Mechanism

           Based on the cross-posting assessment and validation conducted last September 23, 2019, the LGU Bauan attained a 95% Compliance Rate on road clearing operations.  As such, Bauan, Batangas was among the LGUs that have been considered with High Compliance Rating not only in the Province of Batangas but all over the Philippines.

B. Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI)

           The annual ranking of Philippine cities and municipalities spearheaded by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is developed by the National Competitiveness Council through the Regional Competitiveness Committee (RCC).  The purpose of which is to measure the competitiveness of every local government units in four identified pillars namely: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure and Resiliency.  According to DTI Competitiveness Bureau, provincial rankings are based on population and income weighted average of overall scores of cities and municipalities under a province.

           Based on 2019 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) Results, Bauan ranks 66 in Economic Dynamism with a score of 4.8982; ranks 46 in Government Efficiency with a score of 11.5967; ranks 50 in Infrastructure with a score of 6.6139 and ranks 95 in Resiliency with a score of 16.8820 and the municipality achieved an overall rank of 42 with an overall score of 39.9908.

           It is worth noting that Bauan’s achievements are not merely due to the diligent effort of collecting data but moreover an innate motivation to be a world class municipality amidst global competitiveness.

Source: PPDO


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